START Art Fair 2018

13 - 16 September 2018

SAC Gallery, Bangkok joins START Art Fair 2018 at Saatchi Gallery in London, UK, during 13- 16 September 2018; features two remarkable artists. One of our featured artists is Akira Ishiguro, a Japanese artist, shows his works at Booth 7.2 in START Art fair 2018.


There is a little bit of truth about the aesthetic quality of what we find attractive, that is communicated by the strokes from the brushes that show us images we can beieve qualify as art.


Over centuries, we seem to have agreed on a shared belief that what lies on the very top of a canvas, that image, can tell us about reality.


However, if what represents painting is only the tedious work of multiplying the density of brushstrokes to somehow hide us from the truth of the world hiddens beauty, then how would we even be able to find this beauty at all?


The works of Akira Ishiguro start with the question of marble and stone materials, which have been valuable to high culture since the ancient times; most notably with the Greeks and Romans. The remnants of their grand architecture is often seen adorned with various marble statues and facades. The strength and beauty of marble has become a modern representation of luxury. It is a material of high status and aristocracy. For Akira, this past links to our current period as society develops and culture changes.


The artist presents ideas from the hidden value of materials to the creation of alternative materials or the creation of artificial materials.


In the series of marble painting, the artist created largescale paintings of his own craft through simplicity to create questions about the tastes and value of painting. The works instigate the perception of the majority of people towards contemporary painting, using valued materials to create the transfer of its value through painting and to the aesthetic of abstract psychology.