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160/3 Sukhumvit 39, Klongton Nuea,  Watthana, Bangkok 10110 THAILAND



For Sale: 092-455-6294 (Natruja), 084-695-6592 (Rungsima)


open hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 11AM - 6PM
Close on Sunday, Monday and Pubilc Holidays
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  • Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri, founded SAC Gallery in 2012

    Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri

    founded SAC Gallery in 2012

    with the vision to bring art closer to the local community. In the same year, SAC started a new mission, which was to serve as a platform for young and emerging Thai artists to receive support and professional assistance to build their careers.


    SAC has evolved throughout the years, and so has Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri: he began to tackle new challenges by taking Thai artists to international art fairs, establishing an artist residency program in Chiang Mai, and continues to bring art closer to Thai people with touring exhibitions.


    Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri wants to change the Thai art world – for ordinary Thai people to appreciate and embrace art and culture in their lives; to close the gap between art and people; and to create opportunities for Thai artists.

  • Team

    behind SAC Gallery
    • Sithikaj Angsuvarnsiri , Co-founder

      Sithikaj Angsuvarnsiri

      Co-founder 2012
    • Jongsuwat Angsuvarnsiri , Co-founder

      Jongsuwat Angsuvarnsiri

      Co-founder 2013
    • Rungsima Kasikranund, Gallery Director

      Rungsima Kasikranund

      Gallery Director 2023
    • Chiraporn Aranyanak, Conservation Specialist

      Chiraporn Aranyanak

      Conservation Specialist 2017
    • Natruja Saensanga, Sales & Collector Relations

      Natruja Saensanga

      Sales & Collector Relations 2023
    • Chuthamat Suwannasri , Registar

      Chuthamat Suwannasri

      Registar 2015
    • Panupong Prasetthasut , Production

      Panupong Prasetthasut

      Production 2020
    • Saruda Suansa-ard , Graphic Designer

      Saruda Suansa-ard

      Graphic Designer 2014
    • Kamic Santrong , Video Designer

      Kamic Santrong

      Video Designer 2021
    • Sakuntala Yampiew, PR & Social Media Manager

      Sakuntala Yampiew

      PR & Social Media Manager 2022
    • Piyamon Kingpratoommas , Conservator

      Piyamon Kingpratoommas

      Conservator 2021
    • Pornganok Sadakorn , Conservator

      Pornganok Sadakorn

      Conservator 2020
    • Patcharaporn Niamsoi , Conservator

      Patcharaporn Niamsoi

      Conservator 2020
    • Prathamesh Pawar, Conservator

      Prathamesh Pawar

      Conservator 2023
    • Atthasit Sukkham, Museum Project Leader

      Atthasit Sukkham

      Museum Project Leader 2023