Dissecting Desire

14 December 2017 - 21 January 2018

Naruepon Bamrungruan: the artist whose sculptures are full of sense of humor and profound meanings which resonate materialists in a sarcastic way.

Humans take advantage of every single life on earth with their cruelty. Most exploitation are not necessary for their surviving at all; but for their desire which they call it ‘Good Taste’. Since Pre-Historic era up to now, animals have been brutalized in many ways, e.g., shearing the fur and stripping the skin off even if they are alive or dead. Those savageness are just for making products to serve people’s extravagancy. The great value is appraised from being made of a real animal which will be regarded as genuine, precious and luxurious products.

Bamrungruan presents his concept by creating sculptures in animal forms which are produced from various secondhand bags. He cuts and detaches many parts of the bags then mix and combine them by sewing, stitching and wedging numerous parts together and uses a Fiber-Glass model to help forming the animal figure. His aim is to counterfeit any fancy products that are popular among people. His artwork acts as a kind of new handbags which create a meaning of sensation in order to imply that tons of animals have suffered from humans’ endless desire. On its lifeless appearance, it literally comes from one’s valuable life.



Patdanu Tameekul: the artist whose paintings demonstrate bloody scraps of flesh which imply to a taste for luxury. Most people are fascinated and attached to a luxurious product until it blinds them from the bitter background of its luxury. Tameekul chooses to paint flesh, skins and several parts of body to create a new symbolic form. The process of painting begins with setting up fresh meats along with other symbolic materials as still life objects; then, make a quick painting with his remarkable skill and finish it rapidly in order to create an effect of smell, visual sense as well as feelings for which can show the condition of fresh meats decompose over a period of time. Furthermore, most symbolic objects in his works are inspired by luxurious materials in Europe during the 14th -17th century where the extreme extravagancy taken place. In their lavish fancy, noble people in that period were obsessed with prodigal dining, costumes and accessories although the power and wealth they had gained actually came from taking advantages of the inferiors, i.e., colonizing indigenous people with brutality. Even today, we can see that famous luxurious brands, their products are made in bloody suffering ways, such as, laboring, human trafficking, animal cruelty, and so on.


The exhibition “Dissecting Desire” will be held on the first and second floor of Art Centre Bldg., SAC Gallery from 14 December 2017 until 21 January 2018. The official opening ceremony will be held on 14 December 2018, 6:00PM onwards.