Looking and Seeing: by Pichai Pongsasaovapark

21 January - 26 February 2017

The exhibition talks about problem caused by global warming in 3 parts flood, drought and pollution. On flood, the artist filled the tank with contaminated water and put the canvas in some kind of process with the water for 4 months. In order to imitate the life of people who stuck in the city for long period of time as happened in 2011 Thailand flood. On drought, the artist uses photographs to show how barren the land on the northeast of Thailand is by showing the face of people in despair because they are facing the brutal disaster caused by both nature and human and on pollution, the artist shows a spectacular photograph. The photograph appears a beautiful field of blooming flowers with one glance. But with a closer look, the photograph turns out to be a picture of all kinds of engine blowing out smoke including motorcycle, car, six wheels truck, rice milling truck, tractor and van etc.


The exhibition “Looking and Seeing” will be held on the first floor of Art Centre Bldg., SAC Gallery from 21 January until 26 February 2017. The official opening ceremony will be held on 21 January 2017, 6:00PM onwards.