A Space to Exist: by Gi-ok Joen

3 September - 2 October 2016

In A space to existJeon Gi-ok still develops by using the picture of her own daughter like he did it the former art exhibition Playful Prayer in 2011. This solo art exhibition is the first exhibition in the past five years, and this time she uses different views to express the emotions in the works. Gi-ok has taken the pictures of her daughter to record her development since 2011 to 2016. Now the way she sees her daughter has changed. It was the picture of a daughter whom is felt by her mother's view. Now her daughter has become the symbol of varieties of traditions herself.


The exhibition “A space to exist” will be held on the first floor of Art Centre Bldg., SAC Gallery from 3 September until 2 October 2016. The official opening ceremony will be held on 3 September 2016, 6:00PM onwards.