Nature of the work

18 - 27 February 2016

Pichai Pongsasaovapark, Srijai Kantawang, James Su and Misho


Since ancient times art and humans have lived together in a balanced and harmonious way and in the path of the universe. Lately humans have ruined that balance by greedily using natural resources and selfishly destroying the environment. The world is reacting to the oncoming disaster. Artists can team up to create arts to the necessity that humanity has to cooperate to solve this huge problem. The four artists from different backgrounds include Srijai Kantawang, Misho, James Su, and Pichai Pongsasaowapak. They create art with different kinds of techniques— drawing, painting, photography, graphic art, and digital art. All the works are like the announcement and the request that say it is time… for all people on planet earth to wake up and team up to protect the environment.


The exhibition “Nature of the work” will be held on the first, second and third floor of Gallery Bldg., SAC Gallery from 18-27 February 2016. The official opening ceremony will be held on 18 February 2016, 6:00PM onwards.